Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2018 After 4 Years – Is It A Good Investment?

In this article, I want to share my experience with the iPad Pro 12 inch 2018, and how it compares to the iPad Pro 2022. With new devices constantly being released, it can be easy to feel pressure to upgrade every year. But my iPad Pro 2018 has been in use for four years now and it still works perfectly fine.

I will be discussing various aspects such as the design, performance, battery, and my overall experience with the iPad Pro 2018. I’ll also compare it to the iPad Pro 2022, and see if the newer model has any significant improvements or if my older device can still hold its own.

It’s worth noting that my 2018 iPad Pro has been used for a longer time than most devices, so it is a good way to see how well it holds up over time and how it compares to newer models.

Overall condition and How I used this iPad pro for 4 years

I have been using my iPad for various activities on a daily basis, such as creating digital art using the Procreate app, watching my favorite movies and TV shows, shopping online, and editing and retouching photographs. It has been my go-to device for all of these tasks and I have always preferred to take it with me over my MacBook.

I have always used the original Folio case for my iPad, as it offered the perfect balance of protection and accessibility. I never felt the need to use a full-body case like those that are commonly used for iPhones, as I found that the Folio case provided ample protection while still allowing me to easily access all of the buttons and ports.

In terms of the condition of my iPad, I would say that it is still perfect. I have accidentally dropped it a few times, which has resulted in a few scratches on the sides of the device (since the sides are not protected by the Folio case). However, these scratches are minor and do not affect the functionality of the device in any way. Overall, there are no major damages to the device and it is still in excellent working condition.


The 2018 model of the iPad Pro was the first one to feature an upgraded, squarish design with Face ID and no home button. Since then, the design hasn’t really changed and it still looks very modern. I personally think that this design is very successful and will continue to look great for a long time.

It was also the first iPad Pro to be released with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, which means it had the ability to attach to the side for charging and storage. This was a significant upgrade from the 1st generation Apple Pencil and the way it was charged. At the time of its release, this was a major improvement and greatly enhanced the user experience.


As I’ve mentioned multiple times in my other articles, the battery in an iPad is a different story than the battery in an iPhone. Even after 4 years of use, the battery in my iPad is still performing well. It charges quickly and holds a charge for a long time. I haven’t noticed any signs of significant degradation in the battery’s performance.

The battery life is one of the most important factors for me when it comes to using a device and I’m very satisfied with the performance of the battery in my iPad. It’s also worth mentioning that Apple has been known for providing software updates that optimize the battery life on their devices, which is an added bonus.


The screen on my iPad 2018 has held up well over the past 4 years. There are no dead pixels and the colors have not faded, which is great. However, after getting my new iPad 2022 and comparing the two side by side, I noticed that the colors on my iPad 2018 appear to be a bit duller in comparison. Additionally, the screen brightness is not as high as it was on my iPad 2013. This is not something that I had ever really noticed before, but it became clear to me when I had the opportunity to compare the two devices side by side.

One downside to the screen on my iPad 2018 is that it is not very bright when used in direct sunlight. This makes it difficult to use comfortably when I am outside. I often find myself having to shield the screen from the sun in order to see what I’m doing. Overall, the screen on my iPad 2018 is still in good condition, but it does have its limitations when compared to newer devices.


When it comes to performance, my iPad Pro has been running smoothly. I haven’t experienced any freezing or unexpected app quitting, so overall it has been reliable and efficient. I’m able to work on my projects without any interruptions or performance issues.


My model has 4 GB of memory. In the past, there were limited options – the 1 TB version had 6 GB, but it was much more expensive. Memory was probably the main reason I upgraded my iPad Pro 2018 to the 2022 M2 version. With the M2 chip, I now have 8 GB of memory, which is sufficient for any drawings.


My iPad Pro has 128GB of storage, which is sufficient for drawing. I have never experienced a lack of storage and iCloud is very helpful when it comes to expanding storage on the iPad. For example, iPadOS manages photos automatically, so I don’t have to worry about that.


When comparing the cameras on my 2018 iPad model to any of the recent iPhones, it is clear that the cameras on the iPad are severely lacking in terms of quality. It is truly baffling to me why Apple does not include better cameras on their iPads and MacBooks. I understand that the main focus of these devices is not necessarily photography, but with the way technology and photography have advanced in recent years, it seems like it would be a no-brainer to include better cameras on these devices.

Even my new iPad that I purchased in 2022, which is supposed to be the latest and greatest model, still does not have a good camera. I was really hoping that the camera would be improved in this latest model, but unfortunately it is only slightly better than the camera on my 2018 iPad. I have to say that even this slight improvement is not even remotely close to the quality of the cameras on an iPhone. The color reproduction is poor, and the low-light performance is not good. I cannot understand why Apple doesn’t put the effort to improve the camera quality.

Apple Pencil

When it comes to the Apple Pencil, I did not purchase a new one when I upgraded my iPad. The Apple Pencil I have been using for the past 4 years is still in great condition and works just as well as it did when I first bought it. It does have a few small dents from dropping it a few times, but there are no major damages or scratches.

One thing that I do to maintain my Apple Pencil is change the tip. You can purchase replacement tips separately, they are relatively inexpensive and come in a pack of three. If you are using a screen protector such as Paperlike, you may need to change the tip more often as it can wear it down faster. But overall, replacing the tip is a simple and easy process.

The 2nd generation of Apple Pencil has a charging system that is always charging, so I never experienced any problems with the battery. Even if it does run out of power, it charges very quickly. So in my opinion, the 2nd generation Apple Pencil is a great option and gets all the kudos and ovations.

Cellular support

My 2018 iPad model had cellular support, but I never utilized it. I had it on Verizon for about a year, but then I disconnected it. Instead, I found that using my iPhone as a hotspot worked perfectly fine for me, and I didn’t find the need for dedicated cellular support on my iPad. While I can see certain scenarios where cellular support on an iPad may be necessary, it wasn’t something that I needed in my personal use case. As a result, when I upgraded to a new iPad in 2022, I opted to go for the Wi-Fi only model without cellular support.

Signs of degradation?

When it comes to signs of degradation on my iPad Pro 2018, I haven’t noticed any. That’s why I was hesitant to upgrade this year. In my opinion, this iPad could easily last another 3-4 years without any issues.

Why I upgraded this iPad Pro

I upgraded my iPad Pro for just one reason. The main one being the memory. As I started my YouTube channel and began using my iPad for drawing more frequently, I found that my drawings were becoming more complex. 4GB is not really enough. The extra memory on the newer 2022 M2 model allows me to work on larger and more detailed projects without any lag or performance issues.


I am not someone who typically uses a lot of accessories with my devices. The only one I’ve ever had is the Apple Folio. When it eventually wore down, I purchased another brand new one on the Facebook marketplace from someone for $10. I haven’t used any screen protectors or other types of protective gear on my iPad. I did an experiment with pencil grips for my Apple Pencil, but found that they were not comfortable for me, so I continue to draw without them.

Would I invest in an iPad again?

When I first invested in an iPad Pro, I wasn’t entirely sure how much I would use it. But over the years, it has become an essential device for me. I use it for work, for entertainment, and for creating art. In fact, every piece of art that I’ve created for the last 5 years has been created on the iPad Pro using the Procreate app. It’s one of the best programs for digital drawing and the iPad Pro is the only device that it works on.

Not only is the iPad Pro great for creating art, but it’s also a great tool for productivity. I use it to take notes, to read and write documents, and to stay organized. The larger screen size and the Apple Pencil make it easy to navigate and work with different apps.

Another huge benefit of the iPad Pro is its portability. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around, making it perfect for traveling or for taking to meetings. It’s also great for using on the go, whether it’s at a coffee shop or on a plane.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my investment in the iPad Pro. It has become an essential device in my daily life and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a versatile and powerful tablet. As someone who has seen my drawing tutorials or read my blog, you know that I am in love with Procreate, and the iPad Pro is the only device that it works on, and it’s one of the best tools for creating digital art and for productivity.






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