Better Doggie Bags

For pet owners, doggie bags are an essential item to have on hand when walking their furry friends. However, one common problem is running out of bags unexpectedly, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. To solve this issue, a simple design feature can be added to the bag dispenser.

By attaching a 10-inch red ribbon to the cardboard tube of the bag roll, pet owners can easily see when the roll is running low. The ribbon serves as a visual cue to remind the user to check the supply of bags before leaving the house. When the last bag is pulled out of the dispenser, the ribbon is also pulled out, indicating that the roll is empty and needs to be refilled.

This solution is easy to implement and does not require any complex technology. By incorporating this design feature, pet owners can avoid the frustration of running out of bags unexpectedly and ensure that they always have a supply of bags on hand when they need them. Overall, this is a simple and effective solution that can greatly benefit pet owners everywhere.





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