Better Doggie Bags

Doggie bags are a popular and reliable choice for pet owners. They are durable and easy to use. However, one problem that many pet owners encounter is running out of bags unexpectedly, and not realizing it until they are out on a walk with their furry companion. This can be frustrating, especially when there is no way to quickly and easily replenish the supply of bags.

A possible solution to this problem is to design the bag dispenser with a simple, yet effective, feature that alerts the user when the roll of bags is running low. One idea is to attach a 10-inch red ribbon to the cardboard tube of the bag roll. This ribbon can be seen easily when the roll is in the dispenser, and serves as a visual cue to remind the user to check the supply of bags before heading out on a walk.

When the last bag is pulled out of the dispenser, the ribbon is also pulled out. This clearly signals to the user that the roll of bags is empty and needs to be refilled before leaving the house. This simple design solution is easy to implement and does not require any complex technology or scientific knowledge. It can be a great way to help pet owners avoid running out of bags unexpectedly and ensure that they always have a supply of bags on hand when they need them.





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