How to Align Objects in Procreate

Sometimes when drawing in Procreate, you might need to align objects for a perfect illustration. In this tutorial, I will show you how to align objects in Procreate using Transform Tool.

Step 1 – Go to Transform Tool

First of all, we would need to activate the Transform Tool, and to do that, click on the mouse icon in the toolbar. As soon as you do that, the toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2 – Enable Snapping and Magnetics

Snapping helps keep your transformations aligned when moving an object. So, blue guidelines will appear when you move things with Snapping on. These blue lines show positional or scale points that might be helpful. Your content will snap to the center points of your canvas or other items on other layers.

When you click the Snapping button, a Settings panel will appear. This panel controls the sensitivity and how your content responds when Snapping is on.

  • Snapping
    Snapping in the main alignment feature in Procreate. To activate it, toggle Snapping on.
  • Magnetics
    Allows the object to slide along the blue guidelines when you move it around your canvas. To activate it, toggle Magnetics on.
  • Distance
    Controls the distance in pixels an object or guide needs before your content snaps to it. So, at 1 your object will freely move around the canvas, only snapping when precisely aligned to a guide or object. At Max (which is 50), it will snap on to any guide or object within a 50 pixels distance.
  • Velocity
    Controls the speed your object moves before it triggers the snapping guides. With Velocity set to 0.0, your object will freely move around the canvas without activating any guides. At Max Velocity, your object will activate all guides.

Step 3 – Move Your Object

Now, when the Snapping is one, all that is left to do is to move your object. As you will be moving it, you will notice yellow guides that run both vertically and horizontally. These yellow guidelines mean that you have reached the center of the canvas, and once you see both of them (vertical and horizontal), that means that your object is precisely in the middle of the canvas.

Step 4 – Turn Off Transform Tool

When you are done with aligning your object, tap on Transform Tool to finish it. Make sure to click on Transform Tool to ensure your changes are saved.






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