Brush Size Memory in Procreate

If you draw in Procreate, you know that one of the greatest things about its brushes is that you can change the size of the brush depending on what you are drawing. It gives you so much flexibility. But while changing the size is easy, it can be a bit annoying to go back and forth and try to choose the right size.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to remember up to four of your favorite brush size and opacity settings. This will make your life easier! 🙂

How to change the size of your brush

You probably already know that you can adjust the brush size and opacity by moving the sliders on the side of the screen – Sidebar sliders.

The top slider changes the size of the brush – if you slide it up, it will increase the brush, and if you slide it down, it will decrease the size of your brush.

The latest Procreate update brought a few big changes to the SIdebar, allowing us to see the percentage and “remember” the specific brush size or opacity setting.

How to “remember” brush size

The new brush size memory function in Procreate is one of my favorite updates ever. Now, when you are using the two sliders in the Sidebar a small window will pop up to display your current brush size and opacity percentage.

In the top right corner of the preview window, you will see a “+” symbol. Tap it to save your brush size or opacity setting for that specific brush. When you save a size it will leave a mark to indicate a Brush Size Memory setting. You can set four different size settings for each brush.

Remember that the settings will only apply to your currently selected brush. You can also apply different Brush Size Memory to smudge and erase brushes.

How to remove the Brush Size Memory setting

If you need to remove a setting, tap on the memory mark to open up the preview window. You will notice that the “ +” symbol will no longer appear, instead, you will see a “-” symbol. Tap it to remove the brush memory mark.


The Brush Size Memory is truly a great thing especially when you need to access a specific brush size quickly or when you have to go back and forth between a few brush sizes. It just saves time.

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    Excellent! I discovered this but didn’t understand it. Thank you!

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