Procreate – Color Picker Tool

Color Picker tool got a few major updates in Procreate 5 that made user experience and drawing process easier and more convenient. 


One new feature that I believe everyone will be excited about is the floating Color Picker. Now you will be able to drag it out from its corner and place it anywhere on your screen. There is no need to pull it back if you want to close it, just press a little x, and Color Picker will go away.  So far, it is my favorite part of the update that I think will save so much time and let you have a better user experience. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the previous Color Picker, but before every time you needed to change the color, you had to go back and forth. That would take time and be a little annoying; after some time, it would feel very robotic. Well, problem solved now, and I think many artists will appreciate it. 

Second Color

Another important update is that now Color Picker lets you choose two colors instead of one. It could be beneficial, especially with new Brush Dynamic settings, because it can be used as a blended hue. Plus, now you have a quick access to the colors you use. 

Color History

There is a new color history section that is shown underneath the color disk. It gives you quick access to the last ten colors you used. However, there are rumors that this feature would be available only on iPad Pro due to the extra space of the screen. 


Color Picker has a new Harmony panel. It allows you to pick and use complementary, split complementary, analogous, triadic, and tetrad colors. I had a chance to play with it and have to admit that this is a great tool to have – it does all the work for you. I think this would be an essential feature for building palettes.

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