How to download brushes in Procreate

One of the greatest things about Procreate is that it lets you add new brushes. So, you are not limited to the original Procreate brushes that come with the app. Procreate lets you import .brush and .brushset files into the app, which gives you unlimited tools to play with. And in this article, I will show you how you can add new brushes to the Procreate app.

How to install Procreate brushes

First of all, download the .brush or .brushset files from Safari or an email to your iPad. If you have the brush files saved to your computer, you would need to transfer them to your iPad first.

The files will end be saved to the Files app. Open the Files app and find the brush files you just downloaded – they will most likely end up in the Downloads section. And if the files are in a .ZIP format, tap the .ZIP file first to extract the brushes.

Then press and hold your finger on a brush file to evoke the options menu. Once it is on, click “Share.”

Now, swipe through the suggested apps and select Procreate. If you don’t have the Procreate app there, tap “More” and find Procreate.

Procreate will import the brush file and automatically open it. Now, you will be able to find the imported brush file in the Brush Library.

If you downloaded a single brush, it would end up in the “Imported folder,” located at the very bottom of the Brush Library. Or, if you downloaded a brush set, it will be among other brush folders.

How to install Procreate brushes from a secondary window

If you have your .brushset file on your iPad, then there is a shortcut you can use to quickly import Procreate brushes – simply drag and drop from a secondary window into the Procreate app.

Open up any canvas; you can even open a blank canvas – all you would need is access to the Brush Library.

Open a secondary window with the folder where brush files are stored.

Open the Brush Library in Procreate. Now, press and hold on a .brush file and drag and drop it into Procreate to import. You will notice a green “+” sign appear when you have the brush file over the Brush Library.

You can import multiple brushes by picking one brush and then tapping any other brushes to drag and drop them altogether.






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