Layer mask in Procreate

A Layer mask in Procreate is a great tool that works similarly to Clipping mask, and it is used to hide or show certain elements of your artwork. In other words, if you need to erase just a part of your layer but also want to do it in a non-destructive way, you can use a Layer Mask.

How to use Layer mask

To create a Layer mask, tap on whichever layer you want to use it for, and then select “Mask”. This will create a new white mask layer, attached above the selected layer.

You can edit your Layer Mask by using the Eraser tool or painting in grayscale. Erasing or painting in black would hide parts of the parent layer, and painting in white would reveal parts of the layer. Varying shades of gray would change the content of the layer with corresponding opacity levels.

So, one thing to remember when working with a Layer mask in Procreate is that black conceals, and white reveals.

To start working with a Layer mask, choose any brush and paint on the layer mask with black color to hide some part of your artwork. In case, you went a little too far and covered too much of your work, simply change your brush color to white and paint over it to reveal the artwork.

How to delete Layer mask

Like any other layer in Procreate, swiping left on a Layer Mask will reveal the Lock and Delete buttons.

However, Layer Mask doesn’t have its own Duplicate button because duplicating a masked layer will create a copy of both the primary layer and the mask.


Overall, Layer mask in Procreate is a great tool that allows you to hide, reveal, and modify any part of your artwork in a non-destructive way. It gives better control of your edits because it all happens on a separate layer without altering your original work.

However, the Layer mask is a bit limited in what it can offer. The layer mask can only erase or add whatever was erased back to the primary layer. So, you won’t be able to any sort of details to your artwork.






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