Outline Brush in Procreate

Outline brushes are so much fun and they are very popular among calligraphy and letter artists. Essentially, the outline brush combines two Monoline brushes and they together create an outline effect.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an outline brush in Procreate.

Creating process

1. Create a copy of Monoline brush

First, to copy the brush go to the “Brush Library” which is the brush icon on the top right side of your toolbar. After the Monoline brush, duplicate it. Then duplicate the brush once more. We want 3 of the same brush, the original brush + 2 Copies.

2. Combine brushes

Now we need to combine two copies of the Monoline brush into one brush. To select two brushes at once, select Copy 1 brush, then to select Copy 2 brush swipe it to the right. 

Now, at the very top next to the “Brush Library” you will see the words “Combine” and “Delete”. Tap on “Combine.” Then to enter the Brush Studio, tap on the combined brush.

3. Set “Difference” blend mode

In the Brush Studio, instead of one brush, you will see two brushes, one of them is primary and another one is the secondary brush. 

We won’t make any changes to the primary brush, but we will edit the secondary brush to create an outline. So, tap on the secondary brush to select it, and then tap on it again to display the Blend Mode menu. You will notice that by default it is set to “Normal.” Now, to change it tap on the “Normal”, and then choose “Difference” as a blend mode.

4. Set the size

After changing the blend mode, you won’t see the brush stroke on the drawing pad. And this is how it is supposed to be, so no worries!

With the secondary brush still being selected, go to “Properties”. Then under “Brush behavior” find the “Maximum Size” menu, and lower the size a bit. You can adjust the size as you want and as it would work for you. Just one thing to remember is that the lower the maximum size the thicker the outline for the brush will be. And once you are happy with the size of your brush click “Done” at the top right corner.

Yay! Congratulations, you have created your outline brush in Procreate! Now it is time to test it. I hope you found this tutorial useful and fun! You can download my FREE Outline Brush here. Also, make sure you check out my other Procreate tutorials.






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