Procreate – Private Layer

Now you can insert a File or Photo as a Private Layer in Procreate. This private layer won’t appear in your Gallery previews or Time-lapse video, but you will still be able to see and use it as you usually do with regular layers.

In this tutorial, I will show you a step-by-step process of creating a private layer in Procreate.

Keep in mind

Make sure that the private layer contains only things you have no intention of including in your artwork because you cannot un-private this layer. 

Also, remember that while the layer is called “private,” it will still appear in your exported artwork if you don’t turn off this layer. And when you export your artwork as a Procreate file, the private layer will appear among all your layers.

The private layer is a pretty cool feature that you can use to bring the reference image to your canvas.

Insert a file as a private layer

To insert a compatible file as a Private Layer in Procreate, go to

 Actions > Add and then slide the Insert a file tab to the left. Now you will see a grey Insert a private file button. Simply tap it to bring up the Files app.

Now choose any compatible files: you can import PNG, JPEG, and PSD files. Just keep in mind that if you import a PSD this way, it will be imported as a flattened image.

Insert a Photo as a Private Layer

To insert a photo from your Photos app as a private layer, tap 

Actions > Add and then slide the Insert a Photo tab to the left. You will see a grey Insert a private photo button. Tap it to open up your Photos. Now you can select any of your photos to bring to Procreate. 

Once you select a picture, it will appear on your Canvas and in the Layers menu marked as “Private” under the Layer name.

Take a Private Photo

You can also take a picture in a private mode and save it to Procreate as a private layer.

To do that, tap Actions > Add and then slide the Take a Photo tab to the left until you see the Take a private photo button. And to snap a picture, simply tap the Take a private photo tab. It will open up the Camera, and you will be able to take your picture.

Once you have taken a photo, it automatically will appear in your Procreate canvas as a private layer.






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