QuickMenu in Procreate

QuickMenu is a great Procreate tool that offers you a fully customizable menu so you can work fast and efficiently. Every button of QuickMenu can be customized with your favorite and most-used tools, and you can even set a shortcut gesture to invoke QuickMenu.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Quick Menu and find out why QuickMenu is a really helpful feature that you should start using today.

How to enable QuickMenu

To enable QuickMenu, you first need to turn it on and assign a shortcut that will activate it. To do that go to the “Actions”, the wrench icon on the top left corner. Then tap the “Prefs” (preferences), and then click on the “Gesture Controls” to open up the gesture settings.

Now, find the “QuickMenu” and tap on it to see all the customizing options. You can choose between eight different gestures that you will use to invoke QuickMenu. If you use Apple Pencil, it is recommended by Procreate to use Touch to open QuickMenu.

Actions > Prefs > Gesture controls > QuickMenu, and toggle any shortcut to activate QuickMenu.

How to customize QuickMenu

QuickMenu comes with six buttons that you can customize with your most-used Procreate tools. By default, QuickMenu offers: new layer, flip horizontally, copy, merge down, clear layer, flip vertically. You can either use these default menu or you can change any of these six buttons to the Procreate functions you use the most.

To edit the buttons, evoke QuickMenu with the gesture you just set up, then press-and-hold the button you want to change. After a second, the “Set Action” menu will pop up, and you would be able to scroll through the list of options and tap the one you need.

Now you would have to repeat this process for any other QuickMenu buttons you want to change. There is no need to save it because Procreate will automatically remember your custom button settings.

QuickMenu profiles

QucikMenu not only allows you to set different buttons but also allows you to create multiple QuickMenu profiles – in fact, you can set an unlimited number of custom QuickMenu profiles for easy access.

This is helpful especially if you use different Procreate tools for different processes. For example, you may want a different set of actions for sketching compared to painting and coloring.

  1. To create a new QuickMenu profile, invoke QuickMenu and tap the QuickMenu 1 button in the middle to bring up the QuickMenu Profile menu. 
  2. Next, tap the “+” button in the top right of the menu to add a new QuickMenu Profile with no actions assigned to any of the six buttons.
  3. Then tap and hold each button to assign any actions you want to the new QuickMenu profile to have.
  4. To rename a new QuickMenu profile, double-tap a QuickMenu Profile’s title and type a new name.

To swap between QuickMenu profiles, invoke QuickMenu and click on the QuickMenu button in the middle. This will bring up the QuickMenu menu, and you can tap any of your QuickMenu profiles.


I think QuickMenu is one of the best tools in Procreate that improves your workflow by saving so much time while drawing. Now you don’t need to go back and force to find the tool you need, all your favorite and most-used tools are just one tap away.






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