Transparent background in Procreate

It is important to know how to make a background transparent in Procreate, especially if you are creating stickers, patterns, or planning to put your art into a mock-up. In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a background transparent and how to export your art as a PNG with a transparent background.

Turn off the Background Color layer

First of all, open the Layer panel in Procreate and find the layer called “Background color”. This is the default layer that comes with any canvas you create – you cannot delete it.
Next to the layer name, you will see a little checkbox – this is the visibility checkbox, and it is used to hide the content of the layer. Tap it, and it will hide the background making it transparent. You will notice that your art will now appear inside the canvas box with Procreate grid.

Export as PNG

In order to keep the background of your artwork transparent, you must export it as a PNG file. Something to remember is that PNG is the only format that will preserve transparency in your artwork.
To export your canvas go to Actions > Share > PNG.
If you want to share layers separately, and not as a flattened artwork, then do Actions > Share > PNG Files.
This will treat each layer as a separate PNG file and give you a folder with all PNGs. For example, if your canvas has ten layers, your folder will also have ten individual PNG files.






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