Wiggle Text in Procreate

Procreate opens up so many opportunities for digital artists. One of the fun tools that take your art to the next level is Animation Assist. In this article, I will show you how to use Animation Assist to create a very easy but super fun effect – wiggle text.

Step 1 – Activate Animation Assist

First of all, we need to activate Animation Assist. To do that, go to

Actions > Canvas > flip the Animation Assist toggle switch.

As soon as you turn it off, you will notice that the Animation Assist interface is now active.

Step 2 – Write Text

Now, we have to write some text. You can do it in two ways using a brush or text tool. 


If you are a lettering artist and have pretty handwriting, then you can just grab any brush and write whatever you want in the middle of the canvas.

Text tool

But if the lettering is not something you are not super great at, then use the Text tool. To do that, go to Actions > Add > Add Text. Now choose any font you like and type anything in the middle of the canvas. 

The last step is to outline the text you just typed. Go to Layers and make sure you have selected the new clean layer underneath the Text layer.

Now, grab any brush and outline the text. You will notice that the outlined text will be on Frame 1.

Step 3 – Create More Frames

Now we need to create more frames with our text. To do that, click Add Frame at the bottom of the screen. You should now see a faded outline of the text. 

If you wrote the text without the Text tool, then simply re-write the same word on top of the outline. It’s totally fine if the text doesn’t match the outline perfectly.

If you used the Text tool, then go to Layers and turn off the first frame. That way, you will only see the Text layer. Now, all you have to do is just outline the text one more time.

Repeat this step a few times.

Step 4 – Play it

When you created a few frames, you all have to do is adjust the settings. Click Settings and choose Ping-Pong and about 4-5 Frames per Second.

Now, click Play! 🙂






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