QuickShape in Procreate

Procreate has one great tool – QuickShape, which snaps hand-drawn lines and shapes into perfect forms. With QuickShape you can draw perfect circles, squares, triangles, arches, and lines. 

In this tutorial, we will learn how to activate and use QuickShape in Procreate to create perfect lines and shapes.

How to access QucikShape

QuickShape is activated by a gesture of your choice, and you can assign any gesture in the Gesture Controls panel. Go to Actions > Prefs > Gesture controls > QuickShape. You will see a few gesture options, choose the one that works for you, but I usually suggest going with the “Draw and hold” gesture. 

I like “Draw and hold” because this gesture is unique to the QuickShape tool, meaning that other Procreate tools won’t have this gesture as an option. It is also a very natural way to invoke QuickShape because you are already drawing, and holding your pencil for just one second is easy and efficient.

If you decide to go with “Draw and hold”, then to start using QuickShape in Procreate, just draw a line or shape, and keep your finger or Apple Pencil held on the canvas. After a second, QuickShape will invoke automatically and your stroke will snap into a perfect shape.

How to use QuickShape

Once you have assigned a preferred gesture to the QuickShape tool, it’s time to use it. I will show you how you can use QuickShape to create straight lines and perfect shapes.

How to create a straight line

Draw the line and keep your Apple Pencil down on the canvas at the end of the stroke. After a moment, the line will turn into a perfectly straight one.

How to create a perfect shape

It is pretty much the same process as creating a straight line – draw a shape and keep your Apple Pencil held on the canvas. After a second, your stroke will snap into a perfect shape.

If the shape is unequal, keep holding it, and place a second finger on the canvas. Doing this will turn a rectangle into a square, an oval into a perfect circle, or an uneven triangle into an equilateral one.

How to edit

To edit your line or shape release it and then tap the “Edit Shape” button on the top of the screen. In “Edit Shape” mode, you would see the available options that are determined by your initial shape.

This will only work immediately after you release the line or shape, if you draw something else you won’t be able to go back and edit it anymore.

You can also adjust your shape manually. Drag a node (blue dot) to adjust that part of your shape. To scale uniformly, drag the line or shape itself.

How to scale and rotate

You can easily scale or rotate the line or shape you created. To do so, after drawing your shale or line, don’t lift your finger from the canvas. Keep holding, and now drag to adjust the scale and rotation of your shape or line.

To rotate your line or shape in a precise 15-degree increment, place a second finger on the canvas while dragging it.






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    I think this is a pretty great article however it doesn’t actually contain the complete steps nor screenshots. What would make this article better would be including screenshots navigating to gesture control especially if you’re going to include written instructions.

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    For folks who are neurodivergent watching a video may not be what they’re wanting to do, especially as a lot of YouTubers include intros/ sponsorships etc all of this is necessary but it is taxiing on the adhd brain 🧠

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